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  1. The Hare says:

    Will you be making Minecraft versions of The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and the other films? Because you should try. It might be a good idea to actually use mods in the sequel if you do one, like the lightsaber mod [] , or the Walkers mod [] . You should definitely make a better opening crawl [] for your current project.

    • Hi, I didn’t want to use any mods for this film becuase I wanted it to be a challenge, so it’s all vanilla Minecraft. As for the other films…. I don’t know at this time. It’s already taken me 4 years just to do 1 hour 11 mins of the film and I still have 40 mins left to complete. it’s hard work and very time-consuming. The crawl again is basic and simply Windows Movie Maker. Cheers!

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